Web Analytics can be among the hardest niches in which to source genuine expert candidates. Almost all aspects of Digital Marketing involve some degree of analysis, so how do we identify true specialists?

First off, we’re looking for just that – specialists. Not SEO Managers or generic ‘Online Marketing’ candidates with some reporting work under their belt, but profiles which demonstrate a dedication to website performance analysis and optimization.

Candidates who live and breathe analytics tools, from Google Analytics to Webtrends, SiteCatalyst, Webtrekk, Optimizely, etracker and more.

Beyond this, our recruiters target candidates with advanced skills in designing and executing multivariate and A/B testing campaigns. Top performers with hands-on frontend development skills (CSS, HTML, JavaScript) who can run multi-channel analytics across Web and Mobile and who can demonstrate their impact in comprehensive report format demonstrating tangible results and fundamental ROI.

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