Adaptive Globalization has unmatched success and expertise when it comes to placing sales candidates within the LSP industry.

Our clients have included 10/10 of the world’s top language companies, as well as scores of small and mid-sized agencies looking for proven talent to boost revenues and accelerate growth.


So how does Adaptive identify top industry sales talent?

We focus on candidates who are top performers within the LSP space.

This means critical factors like:

  • Familiarity with commercial and competitive industry landscape
  • Proven ability to identify and contact language services budget-holders and influencers
  • Successful track record against personal/team sales targets
  • Vertical market specialism (Life Sciences, Legal, IT, Travel, Retail, Government etc.)
  • Peer recommendations


The story behind the numbers

We understand the complexity of screening salespeople, and know all of the nuances involved.

Sure, there’s a big difference between a ‘hunter’ and a ‘farmer’ – but there’s also a big difference between a ‘hunter’ supported by an in-house lead generation team and 30-person global marketing department, and a ‘hunter’ who is sourcing and closing their own deals unassisted.

In terms of results, there’s also a difference between booking a long-term contract valued at $1m over three years, and closing $1m of invoiced sales.

Our consultants are experts in digging into the details behind sales numbers on candidate CVs to find the right match for your LSP.


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