Adaptive M&A - Language Services Industry


Adaptive’s entry into the M&A advisory space began organically with Language Service Providers (LSP) owners seeking retirement or exit pro-actively approaching the company to leverage our business network to find suitable buyers.

Since 2005, Adaptive has been active as a recruiting partner for senior management, sales and operations roles to LSPs across North America, Canada, Latin America, Europe and APAC, building an exceptional private network of LSP owners, CEOs and board members/directors. The LSPs within Adaptive’s contact network include agencies of all sizes and specializations, from $100m+ global businesses to sub-$1m boutique vendors.

In 2012 Adaptive took the decision to convert this organic introduction offering into a full business service. 


Since this date, Adaptive has been pro-active in connecting with over 750 global LSPs in order to open dialogue and better understand their M&A ambitions and positioning.

Adaptive has raised over +$100 million for business owners in the language industry by providing qualified introductions with active buyers inside and outside of the industry.

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