23. 04. 2019

Check out our new Industry Newsletters!

Weary-eyed after the weekend? Need something to ease you in on the commute? Or simply just fancy brushing up on your knowledge of Adaptive's industries?

We've got the answer.

Sit back, grab a coffee and have a look through our latest newsletters; LocRecruiter, brought to you by Adaptive Globalization, TechRecruiter from our guys at Adaptive Tech and, of course, DigitalRecruiter from - you guessed it - our Digital desk.

Published quarterly, these magazines aim to give you an insight into some hot topics, offer something a bit different to lighten the mood and a selection of jobs across the globe in your market.

Often we like to sit down with experts in the fields, and our sales team offer their opinions on some trends in the industries, or even something that's caught their eyes lately.

Included in the Q1 2019 triology:

  • Get to know working with Adaptive

  • Great questions to ask at the end of your sales interview

  • Make yourself stand out on LinkedIn

  • Top reasons people have given for being late

  • And more! 

If you'd like to find out more, or you have an idea to be featured in the next edition, please email: marketing@adaptivebusinessgroup.com

To check them out, simply click the hyperlinks below:

We hope you enjoy reading!