01. 05. 2018

Serving up some good with Tunbridge Wells Street Teams


Let’s Get Charitable!


The Adaptive Business Group UK has been looking for a suitable charity activity for a while, importantly, one to which we can make an ongoing commitment.


On Thursday, April 12th, seven of Adaptive’s workforce became a part of ‘Tunbridge Wells Street Teams’ – a dedicated group which has been in operation for more than 20 years providing hot meals and support to the homeless and hungry of the town every night of the week.


We wanted to take the load off them, considering the impressive amount of effort and good work they provide for those in need.


Adaptive’s team took to the task seriously, using the kitchen at a local rugby club (Tunbridge Wells RFC) to prepare the meal, which took the form of a giant spaghetti bolognese.


Having never prepared a meal for (give or take) 30 people, we put our heads together and had to strategise.


There were key contributors throughout the team in a mesmeric display of unity:


Head Chef’ Michael Radwan – who provided the culinary expertise, being a dab hand in the kitchen

‘Dark Horse’ Txema Clifford –  battled with and eventually succeeded in the mass-boiling of pasta

‘Chief Enthusiast’ Gery Persand – gave everyone the needed boost to get the job done whilst chopping vigorously

‘Problem Solver’ Mike Thompsett – managed to figure out how to fire up both the hob and oven, a task too difficult for other team members

‘Elbow Grease’ Edmund Blogg – scrubbed the kitchen like no one before him (also provided beverages)

Star Man’ Adam Nevrala – never has anyone mixed ingredients so vigorously or enjoyed it so much

COO’ Owain Withers – masterful delegator and brains behind the organisation


Special Mentions


Owain’s mother Anna for providing a delightful apple crumble which may have proved a step too far – the Adaptive team eventually had to take on the responsibility of finishing it on themselves.


Generous Doug Gill donated multiple pairs of ripped jeans that company policy will not permit him to wear.


Whilst we had our fun cooking, creating and helping out, it was also a very sobering experience - Tunbridge Wells is a very popular area for the homeless and we met some people who have fallen on very difficult times that reminded us of the fortunate lives we lead.


This is certainly something we will continue to support moving forward and we intend to make this a monthly occurrence.


You can find out more and even offer a donation to Tunbridge Wells Street Teams here.

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