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01. 09. 2017

¡Hola Mexico!

At the end of the month, Adaptive's US offices ventured down to Baja California, Mexico, on the company's first ever vacation as a result of hitting their Q1 + Q2 Trip Goal! With the NY office flying in on Thursday night, the team journeyed down across the US/Mexico border on Friday to their rental villa in Ensenada. A sprawling complex with bedrooms for 10+, pool (with water slide), barbeque area and fantastic ocean views, it was a great base for the trip. A general daily rhythm of pool relaxation, afternoon beer pong and evening trips out to the Ensenada bars was quickly adopted for the weekend. This was punctuated by a visit from David, Justyna, Marcus and Emily on the Saturday for a barbeque, and a beach outing on Sunday for team games under the leadership of Alex Balme and Kerry Bowden. Sunday's events consisted of beer pong, flip cup, tug of war, a three-legged race, spikeball - and the non-competitive but extremely popular game of burying Paul Caffrey in the sand. Music was provided by local mariachi for the princely sum of 100 pesos, gallantly sponsored by intern Ben Gourley. On Monday the team packed up the house and set off valiantly for the notoriously sluggish re-entry into the US, with only wandering churro vendors and Ali Foglia's lost passport as topics for entertainment... Once back in the US, the minivans were returned to the rental company (presumably to be sold for scrap metal), a final few beers at were enjoyed at the Ballast Point brewery and the Biergarten in Encinitas and the NY team headed back on their night flight home. In general, the trip was a fantastic success on all fronts! It brought together new colleagues, gave everyone a chance to relax and spend time together outside a work environment, and was a first time in Mexico for many! With the company now midway through the second trip goal countdown of the year (ending December 31st), we hope EVERYONE can participate in the next outing - let's make it a global event! Many thanks to Vicky, David, Alex Balme and everyone else who contributed to making the trip such a great experience. These are big planning events and cannot be done without the constant support and positivity of a team.